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Proposed corporate tax changes

(July 2017 - May 2018)

CFAA Material

CFAA press release - May 28, 2018.

CFAA press release - February 27, 2018.

CFAA explains impacts on rental housing providers and suppliers - February 27, 2018.

CFAA Briefing Notes

December 14 CFAA update on CCPC tax changes.

September 20 CFAA report on tax reform (2 pages).

September 18 briefing notes (5 pages).

Links to Articles

Commentary on the February 27, 2018 changes.

Jack Mintz explains why the government's proposals are unfair:
- Mintz - Mere 'tweaks' won't fix the Liberals' draconian tax-reform plan
- Mintz - Ottawa's tax reforms are about feeding the spending beast, not fairness

Political Background

- Clark - Caught between anger and indifference, Morneau faces real political test with tax changes
- Curry and Stone - Liberals will not back down on small-business tax reform: Morneau
- Stone - Trudeau stands firm on tax plan, but open to 'tweaks'


- Savage - Let's focus on enforcing tax rules, not changing them
- Coyne - Why the Liberals' proposed tax changes are taking a pounding
- Lanthier - The good, bad and downright offensive in Morneau's tax-reform proposals
- Steinberg - Ottawa's rush to reform the tax system could end up deforming it
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